@kemonine lol, you warned me many months ago to self-host docker images, and here we are today, with docker hub pricing plan changes where they are significantly limiting plans (6month retention, and 100pulls per 6 hours)

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Is there any community-hosters that host images for "free"?



None that I've ever seen. The best I was ever able to figure out was configuring the docker registry self-hosted stuff to use an S3 back end and then using B2 or Wasabi for the storage

The problem with that is you're going to be charged for egress in most cases so you have to take the size of the images, how popular they are and some other stuff into account.

I also evaluated Harbor but they didn't have working 'fully public, no login necessary' features working at the time I evaluated the system.

I did briefly look at some of the cloud provider 'container registry' stuff offered by the like of Azure/AWS/etc and... the pricing wasn't in line with what i needed. They have some egress/storage billing models that can be problematic depending on who's the end consumer of the data stored (internal services vs external users)


@kemonine @selea no specific community model for docker registry, although perhaps a community model like how works could work for docker as well. At $dayjob I already operate a registry, and (in free time) have contributed code to a docker_auth project, and all that is needed is an interface for creating new users, and adding permissions.

I think I've just been nerdsnipped, and may end up creating this project 😆


Harbor may be a solid starting point for such things. They have all the various bits and pieces sorted out

Thye just don't seem to give a crap about wholly public registries so it may be a 'simple' patch or three to get that up to speed as a hosting platform


@kemonine @selea aha, I've indeed been nerd-sniped. So far I've filled up a couple pages in my notebook w/ ideas for how this could work 😆


all i want for xmas is my tier 2 storage, my tier 2 storage...



That feels like it might be brittle

Why not distributed minio on top of something?

We'd get a solid api that can be used for pretty much anything at that point...


@selea @kemonine I use distributed minio on several kimsufi (2TB per 10$/mo) servers. So I get ~4TB of space, after erasure-encoding, for 40$/mo. Because of CPU, Diskspeed &network limitations, this solution "works", but isn't great (not fault of minio). This is a good $/GB that you can get w/ no extra costs for BW, but I'm looking at just spending 40 on hetz storage box, which gets me 5TB for slightly more, and faster network access, and putting one minio node in front, less headache.

@selea @kemonine As for registry project, I'd probably also just get hetzner storage box, and a single minio node infront until scale needed, and I've already written integration for docker's registry to use BunnyCDN (as an alt. to the only built in solution for CDN to be AWS cloudfront) so that alleviates having to also worry about location of server.

@selea @kemonine then when scale is needed I'd probably move to something like ceph, as it has radosgw which is their S3 API, and dedupe is nice. Plus, even though it isn't as nice to setup, I have exp. with it running the storage for


I like ceph too :)
But I have only one environment that I have built it from scratch, and the rest is just the built-in toolset from proxmox :P


@selea @kemonine First PR for this has now been sent: It's a slow process, but I think I may end up doing this.

@tklk 😛

The good news is you can use S3 api's behind the official registry server IIRC

The only option I was seeing when I was hosting images was backing a registry by wasabi or similarly priced provider.

Storage in 'the cloud' stinks :(

@kemonine yeah, self-hosting is thankfully not super difficult, but costs is where they get you 😆

@tklk Yep

I got clipped by a ~200 dollar AWS bill thanks to Scaleway shuttering their arm services.

that was un-fun but it's aws so not terribly expected
@tklk er, unexpected

i *expected* them to burn me on pricing

@kemonine oof, yeah. sadly now there are only two arm providers and they are $$$.

@tklk Who's the second vps provider of arm? I only know of AWS...

And yes... it's super duper expensive in my experience.

Between some $personalStuff and the shifting landscape... lollipop cloud was no longer viable for me to keep up.

Such a shame as the arm vps instances were super efficient

@kemonine oh, I was speaking of arm hosting in general, and the second would be packet (of course 😆).

@kemonine although I guess provides RPi hosting, and endoffice provides RPi colo too.

@kemonine that's sad to hear about 🍭 ☁️, sadly opensource relies on too many individuals so that when personal stuff happens things just fade away. That's what I like about Gitea's contributor model is that we have the load spread out.

@tklk Yeah and we had a lot of folks interested in the project but unable to contribute over time

and once scaleway put the arm stuff to pasture a LOT of folks were asking where to move to and AWS was not a good look or answer to the question IMO

i myself ended up on a single x86 vps instance at digital oceans as my final home

The only arm boards I have left in use are the photo frame boards that are part of a very specific project
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