@kemonine @selea aha, I've indeed been nerd-sniped. So far I've filled up a couple pages in my notebook w/ ideas for how this could work 😆

@kemonine @selea no specific community model for docker registry, although perhaps a community model like how jortage.com/ works could work for docker as well. At $dayjob I already operate a registry, and (in free time) have contributed code to a docker_auth project, and all that is needed is an interface for creating new users, and adding permissions.

I think I've just been nerdsnipped, and may end up creating this project 😆

@kemonine that's sad to hear about 🍭 ☁️, sadly opensource relies on too many individuals so that when personal stuff happens things just fade away. That's what I like about Gitea's contributor model is that we have the load spread out.

@kemonine although I guess mythic-beasts.com/ provides RPi hosting, and endoffice provides RPi colo too.

@kemonine oh, I was speaking of arm hosting in general, and the second would be packet (of course 😆).

@kemonine oof, yeah. sadly now there are only two arm providers and they are $$$.

@kemonine yeah, self-hosting is thankfully not super difficult, but costs is where they get you 😆

@kemonine lol, you warned me many months ago to self-host docker images, and here we are today, with docker hub pricing plan changes where they are significantly limiting plans (6month retention, and 100pulls per 6 hours)

@wxcafe This was me except I was baby talking at the bunny of one of my co-workers haha

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SpaceBear is a managed hosting service that makes it easier to create your own PixelFed, Mastodon, PeerTube or HomeTown instance.

Managed hosting means SpaceBear takes care of the technical stuff, while you own and manage the instance.

You can follow SpaceBear at:

➡️ @support

Their website is at https://app.spacebear.ee

(HomeTown is a fork of Mastodon which includes support for non-federated posts.)

#SpaceBear #Mastodon #PeerTube #PixelFed #HomeTown #Hosting #Fediverse #ManagedHosting

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PixelFed is a free, open source Fediverse alternative to Instagram. You can follow PixelFed here:

➡️ @pixelfed

You can join a PixelFed instance at https://pixelfed.org/join

The official site is at https://pixelfed.org

You can self-host your own instance, instructions are here: https://docs.pixelfed.org/installing-pixelfed/

Managed PixelFed instance hosting (for non-technical people) is here: https://app.spacebear.ee

#PixelFed #Instagram #Fediverse #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #Photos #Alternatives

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🎉 #peertube release day. v2.3.0 is out!

This release includes:
* global search support
* more languages supported
* more moderation abilities
* accessibility fixes
* federation customization possibilities
* and much more!

Full details on what has changed can be found here: https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube/releases/tag/v2.3.0

This release is being rolled out to hosted instances now. Downtime will be minimal (less than 1min). If you have any issues afterwards please reach out.

@travis yeah. it's like what pharos wanted to be. pretty happy with it. How are you finding it?

@travis lol truth.

Things I'm playing aroundwith that I am happy with are: Lens, and also presslab's mysql-operator.

Thinking of giving crunchy data postgres operator a try too.

@travis I've been playing around w/ k3s, pharos, and also just plain kubeadm.

@travis specifically your experience with mastodon & k8s. It’s also nice to see that you are using rancher as I’m always interested in reading about others experience with it. Your latest post about moving away from k3os was interesting as it is something that I was considering personally, but your info (re: it lacking zfs, etc..) helped me better evaluate it :)

@travis I'm interested in reading your blogpost, however it seems your blog might be down. Is there another way to read it?

@dansup like no1. co.uk domain, they should follow EU copyright takedown process, no2. You are in Canada, and no3. I’m like 99% you are not affiliated with that instance.

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