@selea I think it was you, not entirely sure, but did you ask about logging into a Gitea instance with Mastodon? Cause if so I just submitted a PR to the auth library Gitea uses to support Mastodon and it was merged today. One step closer.

@vrifox That looks great! Gitea has a list of user created themes at gitea.com/gitea/awesome-gitea/ in case you were interested in sending a PR to be included.

@slapula I'm going through the hashtag, so I've found this other tweet of yours, but k3s.io/ is great on RPis. There is a tool github.com/alexellis/k3sup that'll handle installation for you.

@selea @kemonine First PR for this has now been sent: github.com/docker/distribution It's a slow process, but I think I may end up doing this.

@selea @Unairedspecifics Also my pinephone arrives in two days. I'm pretty excited for it! My PBP just arrived a few days ago.

@selea @Unairedspecifics that link only reports issues with Russia and India. I am unable to find anywhere that reports issues with China.

@kemonine It definitely is great at limiting cost exposure. It actually has allowed us to use more powerful(see: expensive) machines, because we didn't have to have them running all the time. I think the DO agents we have are 160/mo (or 240 not 100% sure off top of my head) and we can reach up to 2 or 3 at a time, and costs us only a total of 30/mo for the agents specifically (we have other non-agent costs on DO, so are costs are slightly higher than that).

@kemonine yeah, that's right. We use it for overflow builds, and so we have one long running server on packet, and then autoscaler set DRONE_POOL_MIN=0, and DRONE_POOL_MIN_AGE=45min for DO, so that after 45mins of lifetime and the servers are idle they will be terminated (and brought to 0 total). Also make sure to set a sane MAX on your pool. Should be same w/ ec2 as DO

@kemonine I love the autoscaler (and have contributed code to improving it) we use it for Gitea, and you can 100% set it to 0 and only create servers when builds are in queue

@selea @kemonine then when scale is needed I'd probably move to something like ceph, as it has radosgw which is their S3 API, and dedupe is nice. Plus, even though it isn't as nice to setup, I have exp. with it running the storage for gitea.com

@selea @kemonine As for registry project, I'd probably also just get hetzner storage box, and a single minio node infront until scale needed, and I've already written integration for docker's registry to use BunnyCDN (as an alt. to the only built in solution for CDN to be AWS cloudfront) so that alleviates having to also worry about location of server.

@selea @kemonine I use distributed minio on several kimsufi (2TB per 10$/mo) servers. So I get ~4TB of space, after erasure-encoding, for 40$/mo. Because of CPU, Diskspeed &network limitations, this solution "works", but isn't great (not fault of minio). This is a good $/GB that you can get w/ no extra costs for BW, but I'm looking at just spending 40 on hetz storage box, which gets me 5TB for slightly more, and faster network access, and putting one minio node in front, less headache.

@kemonine @selea aha, I've indeed been nerd-sniped. So far I've filled up a couple pages in my notebook w/ ideas for how this could work 😆

@kemonine @selea no specific community model for docker registry, although perhaps a community model like how jortage.com/ works could work for docker as well. At $dayjob I already operate a registry, and (in free time) have contributed code to a docker_auth project, and all that is needed is an interface for creating new users, and adding permissions.

I think I've just been nerdsnipped, and may end up creating this project 😆

@kemonine that's sad to hear about 🍭 ☁️, sadly opensource relies on too many individuals so that when personal stuff happens things just fade away. That's what I like about Gitea's contributor model is that we have the load spread out.

@kemonine although I guess mythic-beasts.com/ provides RPi hosting, and endoffice provides RPi colo too.

@kemonine oh, I was speaking of arm hosting in general, and the second would be packet (of course 😆).

@kemonine oof, yeah. sadly now there are only two arm providers and they are $$$.

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