@dansup like no1. co.uk domain, they should follow EU copyright takedown process, no2. You are in Canada, and no3. I’m like 99% you are not affiliated with that instance.

@dansup lol, which instance did they mistake as being hosted by you?

@dansup 👀 *looks around shiftily*

loljk, just checked all my scripts and had no runaway scripts.

@dansup just today mailgun forgot about one of my accounts that I’ve been using for years.

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🎉 Spacebear ❤️ @funkwhale 🎵

#Funkwhale hosting support is now in limited beta, for more details reach out to this account (or via email at support@spacebear.ee), for more details.
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Oh my, the music streaming world just lost 8tracks https://blog.8tracks.com/2019/12/26/to-everything-there-is-a-season/

Murfie, another streaming option also suddenly closed it doors and seemingly not allowing users to get their physical media/data out first. https://www.theverge.com/2019/12/13/21019565/murfie-madison-wisconsin-store-stream-cd-vinyl-collection-closed

Last year, Soundcloud almost went out of business until they got a 100m investment at the last minute.

Hopefully @funkwhale sees a huge uptick in usage.


@ashimokawa @codeberg oh sorry, english is a weird language where you can say one thing and it can mean different things. The con I hope to present at is in NA, although if my talk is accepted, then maybe I will apply to a con in EU.

@codeberg @ashimokawa I suspect they were probably lost in mail, as I sent stickers to someone else in Germany and they have already arrived for some time now. I used standard lettermail with an international postage stamp so no way to track.

I'm going to apply to a conference that happens in may to present there, and if I am accepted I will probably order more stickers and can try to send some more then. Although if I don't get accepted I'll still attend and bring stickers 😂

Figured since I run a hosting company I should host my own (a mastodon fork) instance.

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