@Freeplay Very cool. Could you submit a PR to gitea.com/gitea/awesome-gitea/ so that others could use/discover as well?

@HorlogeSkynet I really have spent all the time I can on that project, however there was someone who had attempted to resolve it github.com/techknowlogick/cadd sadly it didn't work.

@HorlogeSkynet I wrote the caddy plug-in that dl.Gitea.I’m uses. The semver logic was largely focused on the GUI display, so I just get the highest version in the list and ignore the other keys in json objects.

@HorlogeSkynet Awesome script! To make it not dependant on Github API (as gitea development will eventually move away), dl.gitea.io has an undocumented API that you could use to fetch current release: `curl -H "Accept: application/json" dl.gitea.io/gitea | jq .`

@selea @kemonine so I've (very slowly) been making progress on an alternative to docker hub. Latest news is that I am now lead maintainer of cestanta/docker_auth repo thanks to my many contributions to it.

@Baa the Gitea project uses Drone to build Gitea.

Here is a list of other CI/CD solutions that work w/ Gitea: gitea.com/gitea/awesome-gitea/

@silmathoron I'm a big fan of Drone.io for CI. The Gitea project uses it to build Gitea, and focuses a lot of ensuring compatibility. Several Gitea maintainers also contribute to Drone as well.

@Gargron still better than 10% off the top that patreon takes.

@Gargron definitely would be useful for others. platforms such as opencollective and patreon take a significant amount off the top that other OSS projects could use this and have less taken for intermediaries.

@travis woo! Gitea 4 lyfe. Are you using the helm chart?

@selea I think it was you, not entirely sure, but did you ask about logging into a Gitea instance with Mastodon? Cause if so I just submitted a PR to the auth library Gitea uses to support Mastodon and it was merged today. One step closer.

@vrifox@social.anoxinon.de That looks great! Gitea has a list of user created themes at gitea.com/gitea/awesome-gitea/ in case you were interested in sending a PR to be included.

@slapula I'm going through the hashtag, so I've found this other tweet of yours, but k3s.io/ is great on RPis. There is a tool github.com/alexellis/k3sup that'll handle installation for you.

@selea @kemonine First PR for this has now been sent: github.com/docker/distribution It's a slow process, but I think I may end up doing this.

@selea @Unairedspecifics Also my pinephone arrives in two days. I'm pretty excited for it! My PBP just arrived a few days ago.

@selea @Unairedspecifics that link only reports issues with Russia and India. I am unable to find anywhere that reports issues with China.

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